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OCT-3 PRO Ozone Concentration Tester

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Warranty 12 or 24 months
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OCT-3 PRO Ozone Concentration Tester


Do you want to know if you can safely share a room with clients that has just been ozonated? Or maybe you want to compare the efficiency of ozonators? The OCT-3 PRO tester is the solution for you.

OCT-3 PRO works well in assessing the concentration of ozone (O3) indoors, and thus allows you to check whether the level is already low enough. It should be remembered that it is impossible to assess the ozone concentration by smell - the characteristic smell can be in the room for up to 3 days! However, this is not a sign of ozone. On the other hand, however, providing a room in which there is still too much ozone is dangerous for people staying in it. Therefore, after each ozonation, it is worth making sure that you have already reached a safe ozone concentration. A probe for measuring low concentrations of 0-20 ppm is intended for this type of measurement. The tester indicates whether the value is in the norm (NDS) or whether the norm has been exceeded.

If you want to evaluate the performance of your ozone generators, use a probe to measure high concentrations of 10 - 1000 ppm. This is extremely useful especially when ozonation is performed regularly, and we want to make sure that our generator is still efficient enough to create a concentration for effective disinfection.


The device is designed to assess the concentration of ozone (O3) indoors. Depending on the measuring probe used, ozone concentrations can be measured over a wide range. This allows the device to be used to control the concentration after ozonation or, for example, compare the efficiency of ozone generators.


Power supply: built-in Li-ion battery

Working time: approx. 3 hours on full charge

Charging connector: 5V, 500mA

Operating conditions: temp. 10 - 30 ° C, relative humidity (RH) 30 - 80%


Sensor properties by type.

Sensor type (type 1): solid state

Range (type 1): 0 20 ppm

Accuracy (type 1): 15%

Sensor type (type 2): solid state

Range (type 2): 10 - 1000 ppm

Accuracy (type 2): 15%



Set Contents:

- OCT-3 PRO device

- Probe for measuring low concentrations of 0 - 1 ppm.

- Probe for measuring high concentrations 0 - 1000ppm.

- Mini USB cable

- 5V charger


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