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IFM-8 Injector Flow Meter

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IFM-8 Injector Flow Meter is designed to test performance of Diesel injectors on the test bench. IFM-8 allows simultaneous measurement of delivery and back leak of four injectors or delivery of eight injectors.

Included RPM sensor enables to display flow value in relation to the number of injections. Thanks to unique technology, it is not necessary to use additional filters at the device inputs as the device is resistant to contamination.

Unlike other flow meter solutions, the device also measures fuel temperature of delivery and back leak which is additional diagnostic indicator.

IFM-8 can be connected to PC or laptop via USB connection. The included software allows the user to visualize flow rates on graph as well as perform injector tests based on user defined database. After testing the report can be printed showing tested injectors performance.

The device is an independent flow meter and therefore works with all test benches and injector testing equipment.

IFM-8 is suitable for testing Common Rail injectors, unit injectors and other Diesel injectors.

IFM-8 is also suitable for testing and adjustment of inline Diesel injection pumps allowing continuous flow readings for the selected number of injections such as ml/200 injections.


What distinguishes IFM-8 flow meter from the traditional measuring cylinders?

Flow meter and measuring cylinders differ on the basis of measurement method. Measuring cylinders works by collecting some amount of fuel in the long run – this method is simple, but slow, labor intensive and often inaccurate. IFM-8 measures the flow of fuel. By measuring number of injections at the same time it is able to calculate fuel amount per e.g. 200 injections without having to wait and count 200 injections. From the beginning of measurement the user may read fuel amount per minute, hour or a selected number of injections. Of course, for greater accuracy, you can average values from several seconds of measurement.

Measuring cylinders must be carefully emptied after every single test and cleaned or replaced from time to time. IFM-8 is free of this disadvantages. Greater attention is necessary only when connecting a set of injections. In such a situation, there is need to run injector test for a while, until oil fills the tubes and air is removed. After that you may read measured values immediately after starting the test. The user need to wait only few seconds until the flow will stabilize. In a short time measurement can be repeated for one set of injectors at different test parameters – changing rail pressure and injection time. This makes working with IFM-8 flow meter quicker and cleaner than using conventional set of measuring cylinders.



Supply voltage 12V DC
Power consumption max. 24W (2A)
Medium test oil or diesel fuel
Operating conditions temp. 0 – 50°C
Flow measurement 1 - 500 ml/min
Number of flow meter channels 8
Available units ml/min, l/h, ml/N injections
Accuracy 2.00%
Rotation measurement 25...5000 inj/min



In accordance with the standards of injector performance measurements, standard temperature of fuel (calibration oil) on test bench is 40°C +/- 2°C. However, the temperature of fuel entering flowmeter should be below 40°C. To ensure the required accuracy maintain oil temperature of 20-30 °C. Such conditions occur usually in test benches made by leading manufacturers. Install fuel coolers if necessary.

Not ensuring a uniform, stable flow or not complying with temperature limits leads to inappropriate indications.


Kit content:

  • IFM-8 device
  • AC adapter
  • injection signal detector
  • injector adapter (for collecting fuel delivery) x 4
  • polyurethane tube 6mm x 10m
  • polyurethane tube 8mm x 4m
  • software CD-ROM


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