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VNTT-PRO V4.07 (USB) turbocharger actuators tester

Net Price: 4990.00EUR
Warranty 12 or 24 months
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The VNTT-PRO device is intended for testing the operation of electronic turbocharger controllers.

With VNTT-PRO it is possible to perform the following tests:

  • test of electronic controllers of turbochargers with wastegate
  • test of electronic actuators of turbochargers with variable geometry (VTG, VNT)
  • test of dc motors from turbocharger actuators
  • test of wastegate position sensors or variable geometry position sensors
  • test of solenoid valves controlling turbocharging pressure, used in pneumatic systems

Tests can be performed on the following actuators:

HELLA actuators – 6NW008091, 6NW008412, 6NW009228, 6NW009420, 6NW009543, 6NW009660, 6NW009206, 6NW009483, 6NW009550, 6NW010099-01, 6NW010099-02, 6NW010099-03, 6NW010099-05, 6NW010099-07

HELLA actuators - 6NW010430-00*, 6NW010430-01*, 6NW010430-03*, 6NW010430-04* (* there is no guarantee for support for all car brands)

SIEMENS actuators – used in VW/Audi, Mercedes, BMW cars.

MITSUBISHI actuators – used in turbochargers: 49335-002xx, 49335-004xx, 49135-056xx, 49135-057xx, 49135-058xx, 49490-93501, 49477-01012, 49477-01104

SONCEBOZ actuators – used in turbochargers: 5304970006x, 53049700073, 5304970011x, 5439970006x, 5439970011x, 5304988006x, 53049880073, 5304988011x, 5439988006x, 5439988011x

DENSO actuators – used in turbochargers: 780709-0003, 780708-0002, 17201-30100, 17201-30101, 17201-30110, 17201-30160

MAHLE actuators – used in turbochargers: 03F145701

HITACHI actuators – used in turbochargers: 53049700062, 53049880062

Link for download the update software:

Contents of VNTT-PRO kit:

  1. VNTT-PRO tester
  2. HELLA connection cable (6NW 008 091, 6NW 008 412, 6NW 009 228, 6NW 009 420, 6NW 009 543, 6NW 009 660, 6NW 010 099-01)
  3. HELLA connection cable (6NW 009 206, 6NW 009 550, 6NW 009 483, 6NW 010 430-01, 6NW 010 430-03, 6NW 010 430-04)
  4. HELLA connection cable (6NW 010 099-02)
  5. MITSUBISHI connection cable for BMW
  6. MITSUBISHI connection cable for Ford/PSA
  7. SIEMENS connection cable for VW/Audi
  8. SIEMENS connection cable for Mercedes and BMW
  9. SONCEBOZ connection cable
  10. MAHLE connection cable
  11. DENSO connection cable for Toyota 1.4 D-4D
  12. DENSO connection cable for Toyota 3.0 D-4D
  13. HITACHI connection cable for Opel Vectra C/Signum 3.0 V6
  14. geometry position sensor connection cable for VW/Audi (type 1)
  15. geometry position sensor connection cable for VW/Audi (type 2)
  16. geometry position sensor connection cable for Opel, Fiat, Alfa Romeo
  17. geometry position sensor connection cable for Citroen, Peugeot.
  18. geometry position sensor connection cable for Ford
  19. universal connection cable for DC motors and boost control solenoid valves
  20. DC power supply
  21. USB cable for firmware update
  22. CD-ROM with Updater tool
  23. User Manual - link for download



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