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ICR-4 Common Rail Injector Tester

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Warranty 12 or 24 months
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ICR-4 tester is used to control electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors used in the common rail injection systems. It is possible to control up to four injectors of a type at a time. The signal generated by the tester which controls the injectors, corresponds to the signal which appears in the car engine controller.

  • Parameters of the tester

Supply voltage DC 12 ... 15V
Current draw up to 4A (fuse)
Number of controlled injector  
    electromagnetic 4
    piezoelectric 4
Parameters of the simulated injection  
    frequency 36 ... 4800 /m (change in steps of 10 /m)
0.3 ... 40Hz (for every injector)
    pulse 100 ... 5000 mks (change in steps of 10 mks)
Programming the number of rpm yes
The option of the initial injection yes (at frequences 36 - 2400 /m or 0.3 - 20 Hz)


  • Function of the tester

After connecting the power supply, the tester displays the splash screen:

Then, it automatically switches to the selection screen of the controlled injector type. The name "electromagnetic" stands for the electromagnetic injector, whereas "Piezoelectric" stands for the piezoelectric injector.

After selecting the appropriate type of the injector, the screen displays the currently set parameters of the injector control signal.


After you start the injectors, the tester performs a sequence of injections in the quantity indicated by the parameter "Quantity".

Change of the value of the simulated engine speed
The parameter "Speed" indicates the simulated value of rpm. This value is the real value of the car's engine speed, so that the injector injects half as many times. The range of changes of this parameter ranges from 30 rpm to 2500 rpm.


Change of the value of the simulated injection time
The parameter "time" defines the time of injection of the injector. This parameter change ranges from 0.1ms to 5.0 ms. Changes can be performed every 0.1 ms or every 1ms.

Programming the number of sequences
The "Quantity" parameter specifies the number of injection sequences to be performed. A sequence of injections is meant to be four injections, one for each injector. The tester always performs the total number of the injection sequences. This parameter change ranges from 0 to 9999. Changes can be performed every 10 or every 100.

The tester performs the set number of sequences and indicates the number of the sequence, which is being currently performed on the display. After the performance of the set number of sequences, the tester stops its operation.

Simulation of the initial injection
The "initial" parameter enables the simulation of the initial injection. If the parameter has the "yes" value, the pre-injection will be performed before each injection. The pre-injection parameters are fixed at:

  • pre-injection time: 0.2ms
  • time between the initial injection and the main injection: 1ms.
  • If the parameter is set to "No", the initial injection will not be executed.

It is possible to buy the strobe lamp to go with the tester.


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